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Music theory



Live performance


10+ years teaching experience

13+ years working as a professional touring musician

What my students are saying


“Graham transforms learning to play the guitar from a frustrating task to an addictive enjoyment. It’s rare to find someone who is as good at teaching as they are at the craft of playing guitar. Lessons are fun and completely client focused, I can’t recommend Graham as a teacher and mentor enough!”


“Graham has been fantastic at helping me understand music theory and has massively improved my playing. We’ve explored different styles and genres as they piqued my interest, which is a refreshing change from previous teachers that only teach one style of music. Would highly recommend him to anyone of any skill level.”


“There has been amazing improvements in my playing that many people in my life have noticed when I’m performing. I am so much more confident with my solo-ing and knowing my way around the guitar. Graham is the most patient teacher I have ever had, always teaching me exactly what I want to learn.”


Make a plan

Focus on what interests you

Expand your theory

Expand your technique

Experiment and try different styles

Follow your curiosity and inspiration

How we fix these and develop your skills

Common frustrations I
hear as a teacher

Not knowing what to learn next

Not progressing the way you want

Feeling stuck with the instrument

Feeling limited as a player

Playing the same music over and over

Feeling uninspired


It's these frustrations my students bring to me that I focus on the most as a teacher. In our first lesson we identify where you are as a player, where you want to go, and figure out what is stopping you getting there.

Lesson by lesson we follow the 'map' that we've laid out whilst responding to what's inspiring you and capturing your interest that week. Our lesson becomes more of an enjoyable and engaging musical conversation and less of a dry tutorial. The whole point of music is for it to feel good!


My goal as a teacher is to pass on my enthusiasm for the guitar, and for music. I've spent more than 16 years exploring the instrument, developing my skills and seeking out the aspects of playing the guitar that I enjoy the most. My objective is to give this to you.

I've worked in more than 10 different bands and projects, including running my own. I've had the privilege of touring interstate, achieving radio play on Triple J, and playing national music festivals including Splendour in the Grass, Woodford Folk Festival and Caloundra music festival. I've recorded and released 2 studio albums and a number of singles, collaborating and working with a number of wonderfully talented artists.

~My Promise to you~

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It's this experience with music on and off the stage
that I can offer you as a teacher

Ready to make some great music?
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